Our partners

1.    Schoenau und Houcken GmbH. (www.schoenau-houcken.com)
German company Schoenau und Houcken GmbH specializes in designing and manufacture of ties. Over twenty years the company has been working in the world market and cooperating with such famous trademarks as Bugatti, Carl Lagerfeld etc. Schoenau und Houcken designers develop two collections of ties every year - summer and winter. The ties made of silk and polyester respectively. The style of each tie is unique and is designed manually without any computer help.

2.    Lindenmann GmbH. (www.lindenmann.com)
Lindenmann GmbH was founded in 1961 by Karl Lindenmann and his son Karl Heinz Lindenmann in the city of Pforzheim (Germany) famous worlwide by its jewellery. Now the company’s product range includes the following products: men’s and women's belts, cufflinks, tie clips, wallets. All the products are launched under different trademarks: Lindenmann, Georges Chabrolle, Taranto, Pierre Cardin.

3.    Guasch Hermanos, S.L. (www.guasch.es)
Guasch Hermanos, S.L. was founded in 1857 by two Guasch brothers and originally dedicated to the manufacture of cotton handkerchiefs. The high quality of Guasch’ products led to the rapid expansion of the company and opening of new commercial offices and warehouses in Barcelona.
In 2004 Guasch launched its first pyjama collection for men. Guasch’ products continue to be a synonym of prestige in more than 50 countries.
In 2009 new pyjama collection for men and women was designed by famous Spanish fashion designer Josep Abril. (www.josepabril.com).

4.    Setex (www.setex.de)
Setex Textile GmbH was founded in 1990 by the current Managing Directors, Konrad Schröer и Markus Enk, at the time the weaving mill Gebr. The company’s production facilities and head office are located in Germany and regional offices – in all European countries.
An independent home manufacture is a guarantee of high German quality and flexible attitude towards the demands of the company’s clients.
All Setex’ products are Ökotex-100 certified.

5.    Schlafgut  (www.schlafgut.com)
The Matheis Textilgruppe company - the producer of Schlafgut trademark – is one of the leading German textiles companies. The product range includes multicoloured bed sets, mattress covers and fitted sheets.

Company’s production facilities and head office are located in Germany. All of the products are Ökotex-100 certified.

6.    Waveland Group (www.wavelandgroup.biz)
Waveland Group was founded in 1997 by Mr. Basills Zikoudis. The company specializes in men’s wear sewing. The company’s products are mainly exported in Europe and in the Middle East. The company’s head office and production facilities are located in Thessaloniki, Greece.